A Body of Mobile Machine / 移動之身-台灣×土耳其伊斯坦堡當代藝術交流計畫展


在生活藝術家黃文琳與陳美嘉合作的作品 , 藝術家以植物和身體的溝通交感為主題的錄像新作品-Henna- individual plant bodt植株體、mad plant植物狂 ,將在8/7~8/27受邀參加土耳其伊斯坦堡Halka Art Gallery的展覽 , 兩年前曾經在伊斯坦堡Halka 藝術村駐村,對當地人文風光和生活印象⋯⋯深刻頗為懷念~
「移動之身」(A Body of Mobile Machine)
A Body of Mobile Machine / 移動之身-台灣×土耳其伊斯坦堡當代藝術交流計畫展
Gezici Bir Makine Olarak Beden / A Body of Mobile Machine /…
黃盟欽 Huang, Meng-Chin (台灣) × Ipek Çankay (伊斯坦堡/土耳其)
Candaş Şişman
Mateusz Dzierżyński
Monika Braksal
Magdalena Michalik
牛俊強 Chun Chiang Niu
林子荃 Tzu-Chuan Lin
李佩玲 Pei-Ling Lee
朱盈樺 Yin-Hua Chu
施威任 Wei-Jen Shih
黃文琳 Wen-Lin Huang
黃盟欽 Meng-Chin Huang
曾怡馨 Yi-Hsin Tzeng
陳永賢 Yung-Hsien Chen
鄧雯馨 Wen-hsin Teng
Halka Art Gallery (土耳其/伊斯坦堡)
halka sanat galeri/
Caferağa Mahallesi Bademaltı Sokak No:24/1 Moda-Kadıköy-İstanbul 34710

Taiwanese artists together with international artists have gathered for ‘A Body of Mobile Machine’ at Halka Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey. Using the perspective of new media together to explore the body’s dual trajectory in a technological age. This exploration is mainly done in the transition between recorded images and future prospects, including the transition and reconstruction of structure in time, space, and displacement. Further, the concept and image of the body will be touched and shifted, tracing the mutual perception of media changing one’s body image, and using this to explore the two core issues of temporal existence, as well as body image in technological life.
Due to this, is perceptual time, in which information is received and emotions take effect, a form of time without structure and non-nervous awareness, equivalent to mechanical time? Faced with such an environment, can time, which is omnipresent and surrounds every individual’s body, be understood as a kind of subconscious factor through new technology and new media? In particular, ‘A Body of Mobile Machine’uses this to observe how human perception is influenced by time, as well as asking: how does mechanical time permeate the perceptual system of body time in our life experience from the past to the present, as well as asking how human experience can be opened to dialogue with the mechanical? And how can it be once again woven into the body?

「移動之身」(A Body of Mobile Machine) 集結台灣國內外藝術家於土耳其伊斯坦堡 Halka Art Gallery展出,以新媒體觀點,共同探討科技時代的身體雙重軌跡。主要探索在於錄像與圖景的過渡,包括時間、空間、位移等過渡重構的架構,另外也將觸及移動身體的觀念與意象,探知媒介改變身體影像的感知交互作用,藉此探討存在時間中的雙核心議題,以及科技生活中的身體影像。
Aug 7- 27, 2015
新北市政府New Taipei City Government
新北市政府文化局 Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government